Afric Attire summer 2019

Abadie? (How are you?) 

Summer is approaching and here in the south east of Georgia we have been blessed with temperatures that are not to extreme. I just wanted to touch bases and give an update about Afric Attire for those that are wondering. 

Clothing designs are coming for the summer they will be released July 1st 2019. I have been working on site updates and will be working on the site through out the summer. The Ankara clothing custom is available upon request. Some products will be discontinued and orders will have to be placed directly by contacting 14702334131. I am reachable via whats app as well. what this means is that you can place orders with me directly and the Items on the site will not be available to purchase online at the time. I'm excited about the future of Afric Attire there are tons of people that have contacted me and patronized my business and I would like to thank you all. 

I will am proud to announce that I will be blogging more. Although I am new to this I figured it wouldn't hurt to connect with you on a deeper level. This means that you will begin to see me more often and the things that I am working on. If your interested in knowing more about how to make websites, make clothing or even more about African Culture and clothing, please shoot me an email or contact me. Once again I want to thank you for your consistency and encouragement. 

Oh Yes! Last but not least. I hosted the last Akwa Ibom meeting and during the next meeting Afric Attire will be announcing the donation monies incurred through the sales of Afric Attire. In the last meeting we discussed the next trip to Nigeria and the Akwa Ibom Association candidate election that will be held during the Convention in July in California. I am considering going to the Convention If I do I will definitely keep you guys informed. The picture attached is the a group picture of us after the meeting. 

Also Guys I will be making product suggestions. For those that are located in Nigeria keep in mind that we ship through Bazebo so if your interested in placing any special orders contact me. Well it was fun chatting with you. Feel free to post below any questions or comments. 

With Love 

Aleisha Franco Udotong